Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Annoying Person Is now being Ignored

I can accept the following locations as sources of Drama.


TNT – A movie channel that is the home to a few Drama shows. You may have heard of Law and Order, NYPD Blue, and ER. Now if you want some crazy Drama this is where you could go in order to partake. Me, well I am not a big fan of the Drama so I stay tuned into the Cartoon Network.

WORK – Hundreds of different items can create tension and drama at work. Sometime around 2003 I worked for an insurance company. I had a boss who was very similar to today’s Michael Scott from the U.S. version of the Office. One Minute he is shooting you in the back of the head with rubber bands. Then a switch is flipped and he is yelling at you because you didn’t make your goals for the day.

HOME – I recall many nights falling asleep to the fighting of the parents. Most times it was about money, other times it was about them not spending time together. I know I brought a lot of drama into the home as an adolescent. Man was I an emotional wreck punishing myself for life and those around me.

However the one place I don’t accept drama is in my lovely world of Azeroth.

Now I understand that we may run into the occasional jerk when pugging. We may even have some 17 year old on Trade bragging about how he’s drunk. The great thing is that these experiences are controlled. I only have to deal with it if I am pugging, or in a big city.

What I don’t like is when you have this Drama in your Guild. I don’t mind Guild mates asking for help in running Dungeons. In fact I like that sort of thing. However I am not ok with Guild mates talking trash about the Guild in GC because we are not jumping at the chance to run an instance just to get them gear.

Perhaps it’s a simple case of unspoken expectations. Annoying Person thinks that being in a Guild means we have to gear them. This may be true if we were a guild who was very interested in Progression and absolutely needed anyone to fill a spot for a 25 man. But honestly my guild is a bunch of drunks who get together and down some 10 and 25 man content with another small guild with the same type of people.

I never thought I would see the day when I had to have a Guild Mate on ignore. But if that’s what it takes to maintain a drama free experience in Azeroth, well then a Cows got to do what a Cows got to do.

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